Transiting Mars Trine Natal Uranus: Truth or Dare from Within


With transiting Mars trine natal Uranus, there can be a strong need for change in our lives. We will want change and we will want to make it happen right now. Often these this impulse acted out can come from a place of fear, distrust, misconception, hurt. If we stop ourselves for a moment, we have the power to instead let truth feed these instinctual feelings, which will guide us toward inner change before we embark on our outer changes. A bit of a game of Truth or Dare from within. If you can take the impulsive Uranian energy and play the truth card, then you have everything it takes to go for that wild dare and shake things up in your world.

The lesson to be learned is that it’s not wise to change for the sake of change. Change for a stronger sense of self. Change for a greater independence. Change because you no longer accept your known beliefs and limitations.

Dare to change, but have a drive behind your dare. Let that drive come from within. And let there be truth within.

Because standing alone in your truth is the greatest dare of all.



New Moon in Leo ~ August 6th, 2013


~ We are stardust. We are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. ~ Joni Mitchell

Happy New Moon in Leo 🙂

The creative, loving, spirited new moon in Leo is trine the bold and exciting Uranus in Aries. Uranus is currently retrograde so the surprising changes we may feel with this influence are now internal ones. The moon is always connected to our emotions, what makes us feel at home in our soul. In Leo, our inner child is reborn and encourages us to go out and play with our emotions. Let them be free and wander to a place of childlike innocence where pure love can be found. Can we let go of our cynicism and return to faith? Can we approach the surprises we encounter in love with curiousity and wonder?

The planet Jupiter is also in conjunction with the asteroid Pallas, both in Cancer. Jupiter expands Pallas’ emotional intelligence here in this sign, creating warmth and security in our base relationships as well as the ability to defend our family and our home.

Leo is the sign that is ruled by the sun. At this new moon, we can shine bright like the little bits of stardust that we are, knowing that we come from greatness. This greatness reminds us that the need to share love and receive love is an innate one and we should not deny ourselves this pleasure in life. Open your hearts to a love that you haven’t felt in a long time…

If there was ever a day to say it, it’d be today…

Shine bright like a diamond 🙂 Happy New Moon 🙂 xoxo