Crossing The Bridge

There is no pathway to happiness. There is no timeline for happiness. There is no person or position or possession that will guarantee happiness in your life.

Happiness is a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of seeing, a way of connecting, a way of feeling.

It is the truth and the beauty of crossing the bridge of consciousness. It is finding yourself in the forest of the universe and realizing that you are one tree and every tree.


A Letter to Myself

This letter was inspired by this morning’s meditation, Conscious Me, in the Desire & Destiny meditation from the Chopra Center. The meditation’s centering thought was: Abundance surrounds me. In recognizing the infinite abundance around us, we must acknowledge first the abundance that lies within us. Then we realize that everything in this universe, all the seen and unseen, all the physical and the mental, belong to us and is ours to enjoy in this lifetime.

The meditation asked us to write a letter to ourselves to affirm all that we have to share with the world. Here is my letter:


You are a wonderful creation of God. There is so much you have inside you to share with the world.

Your mind is strong and you produce meaningful thoughts of positivity, peace and exploration. Your spirit is lovely and you give off a warm energy to those who surround you. Your body is an art form and its movements are free to express your inner feelings. Your heart is good and you give it fully to those you love, always growing to a greater capacity.

You are a woman, a mother, a teacher, a healer, a writer, a creator.

You are a beautiful inspiration of life. Thank God for your existence.