Stay On Your Path


Stay on your path. Look forward with your heart and your eyes. With a mind of patience, legs of strength and a spirit of determination… you will reach your freedom. Stay on your path.


Lions and Tigers and Bears


~ By design, we are stronger within than anything we could create in this lifetime. That includes the lions and tigers and bears you placed in your path. ~ (Quote rephrased from TUT Notes from the Universe)

Oh, my! The world can seem like a big and scary place when we feel obstacles moving in on us and blocking our way ahead.

Happy Friday! You are strength, you are beauty, you are love 🙂 xoxo

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Your Story Is Not Finished Yet


Your story is not finished yet, little caterpillar. Time to turn inward. Within that little ball of your soul is your purpose.

You will emerge stronger, wiser. So come out and play. Your next chapter is waiting to be written. I want to see you open your wings, beautiful butterfly.

Happy Sunday 🙂 xoxo

Orange Sky



Me: Orange sky, where have you come from?

Sky: A thunderstorm…a dark place…loud, wet, forceful…

Me: You are not dark, though. You are a glowing orange tonight and you surround me, you keep me company.

Sky: It is my pleasure to be here in this moment with you. Right now, I am in the clear, but the storm may return, I must warn you. I am dark orange. I am burnt orange. I am covered in gray clouds.

Me: But you come from a place of red, don’t you? You are strong. You are passionate.

Sky: Yes. It’s my desire to survive this storm.

Me: And you come from a place of yellow as well. You are aware. You are optimistic.

Sky: Yes. It’s my desire to see beyond those clouds.

Me: Your intensity, your beauty captivate me. Push away those dark clouds. I want to see your infinite lines, your borders to yesterday and tomorrow, your extension into the heavens, your connection to the earth.

Sky: I promise all you desire is here, waiting to be discovered. But one cannot experience this unless they step into the darkness. Tell me, though, who dares go outside and dance in the lightning? Who dares go outside and drum to the thunder?

Me: I do. I dare.

~ Happy stormy night xoxoxo