Full Moon in Taurus – November 17, 2013


Thinking about today’s Full Moon in Taurus and trying to connect it to the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus back in May of this year with a post that I wrote during that time. It feels nothing less than a feeling of urgency for truth to speak through our desires, for love to spring from that truth.

A full moon on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, 2nd/8th houses, focuses on awareness in our resources and values, our own and those of others. It makes me think of all the hidden worth inside us that we never recognize, or the best of ourselves that we hold hostage from those around us. Meanwhile, life passes us, love passes us. The mirror to look within will always be there, but what it reflects may not. The moment to see the beautiful reflections of our soul is now.

“…Tomorrow does not exist for real love; time does not exist for real love. If you love a person, you love a person. What is going to happen tomorrow — who cares? Today is so much, this MOMENT is an eternity. What will happen tomorrow, we will see…when tomorrow comes…Real love is of the present…” OSHO

If you love someone, you love them NOW. There is no tomorrow. There is only FOREVER in the present moment.

LOVE them now. KISS them now. HOLD them now.

Look into their eyes. Trust their heart.
Confess your desires. Live out your fantasies.

Choose. Love. Now.

Happy Full Moon xoxo


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ November 3rd, 2013

There are times in life when you either move forward or backward. With everything I’ve learned, there is no way I am choosing to go back. I know too much, I feel too much and I am too much to not go forward and explore the possibilities of the future.

Happy new moon solar eclipse. Much love as you walk forward on your path. Xoxo

Color Your Life ~ Uranus Pluto Square ~ November 1st, 2013


You can choose to color your life the shade of your heart or have your heart shaded by the color of life.

While the colors we see on the outside on not always the most pretty, there exist beautiful shades within our hearts. Can we see them through our soul? Can we paint them in our lives?

There are days and seasons and years when change is more urgent and we are living in those times right now. Uranus and Pluto reach another exact square this morning at 7:13 EST at 9 degrees. We are at a point in this ongoing square where we have experienced change externally and had the opportunity to process the change internally with the retrogrades of these planets. This leaves us in a more proactive place where we may create the change in our lives instead of letting it just happen to us.

But how deep have we gone? Mercury is currently retrograde in Scorpio, the sign which is ruled by Pluto. Mercury in Scorpio takes our thoughts to thoughts to deeper places and asks us for transformation of mind. We must let old thoughts die and new thoughts be born in order to achieve true transformation. It is the circle of life, but a cycle which most of us resist for the greater part of our lives.

So while we may be sitting with a strong feeling of urgency to act…we are asked to look within even further…to seek the true direction of our soul.

We may color outside the lines to break free, but we will always feel a prisoner to those lines. If we embrace the many different colors of who we have been…dark ones, light ones…pale ones, bright ones…we can expand those lines and grow. Open that box of colors and look for the shade of your heart.

The Rain Penetrating the Soil ~ Moon in Scorpio


The moon is in Scorpio…

This is my guilty pleasure of the moon…the most intense, most difficult placement for the moon and, therefore, the most intriguing to me as a native moon child.

The moon is in its fall in this placement. Emotions are experienced way below the surface and with great intensity, rarely to be brought to the light. Scorpio struggles with trust and openness, fearing the betrayal and manipulation that exist in the world. Scorpio declines true intimacy, fearing the vulnerability that comes with exposing what’s on the inside.

I’m always fascinated by the spectrum of emotions that we can feel in our hearts. But to experience emotions in their totality…whether it’s sheer ecstasy or complete despair…is so human, so at the core of our being and so necessary for our growth here in this lifetime. Reaching the limits of the self brings us face to face with our divine purpose. When we see (and feel) why we’re here, we can realize this in our physical lives and further evolve our souls to a greater purpose in the next.

Just taking in the rain from the storm…

Feel it penetrate the soil deeply, soaking our roots with raw sentiment. When the new day comes, will we hide underground, scared by the possibilities of the sunlight? Or will we choose to sprout out from the surface in connection with our spirit and blossom into our highest potential?

Grand Water Trine ~ July 17th-19th 2013


Today Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune have activated an extremely rare and quite marvelous aspect called a Grand Water Trine. The planets sit at 4 degrees in a triangle in the sky with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces is the fish in the huge ocean of the collective consciousness who swims deeper into the spiritual realms in order to feel as if it can fly.

Saturn in Scorpio is the scorpion that lets go of its deep-rooted fears and tranforms in the sacred sands of darkness into strength and beauty.

Jupiter in Cancer is the crab that realizes the great abundance that exists when it comes out of its sensitive little shell and surrenders itself to the shores of the world.

Together with the faster-moving planets having recently transited (Venus) or currently transiting Cancer (Mercury, Mars), there is a strong need for true emotional healing in the heart in order to achieve wholeness in mind, body, spirit, soul.

Water can feel like we’re being pulled under at high tide. But with this pull, with this energy, is an opportunity for awareness as we touch the ocean floor and get soaked to the core. For we can only heal what we are aware of. Now is the time to see and more importantly, to feel, what we have neglected for so long.

If we choose to embrace the strong tides of life, we can rebirth ourselves through our truth and our potential. Because life is not floating on the waves, but learning to swim with them.

Happy Wednesday 🙂 Much love! xoxo