Full Moon in Pisces – September 19, 2013

Sometimes going below the surface can feel like we can barely breathe. We may kick and scream but only small waves and bubbles come to our rescue.

There is a point where we stop fighting these underlying forces and give in to the stillness and the wisdom that reside below.

At this full moon let a deep awareness of your being rise above and take a breath of life. Let it breathe and let it speak to you. Pisces energy is through a silent connection to spirit, through a light of intuition, through making the unconscious conscious.

Take a moment to listen.


Grand Water Trine ~ July 17th-19th 2013


Today Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune have activated an extremely rare and quite marvelous aspect called a Grand Water Trine. The planets sit at 4 degrees in a triangle in the sky with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces is the fish in the huge ocean of the collective consciousness who swims deeper into the spiritual realms in order to feel as if it can fly.

Saturn in Scorpio is the scorpion that lets go of its deep-rooted fears and tranforms in the sacred sands of darkness into strength and beauty.

Jupiter in Cancer is the crab that realizes the great abundance that exists when it comes out of its sensitive little shell and surrenders itself to the shores of the world.

Together with the faster-moving planets having recently transited (Venus) or currently transiting Cancer (Mercury, Mars), there is a strong need for true emotional healing in the heart in order to achieve wholeness in mind, body, spirit, soul.

Water can feel like we’re being pulled under at high tide. But with this pull, with this energy, is an opportunity for awareness as we touch the ocean floor and get soaked to the core. For we can only heal what we are aware of. Now is the time to see and more importantly, to feel, what we have neglected for so long.

If we choose to embrace the strong tides of life, we can rebirth ourselves through our truth and our potential. Because life is not floating on the waves, but learning to swim with them.

Happy Wednesday 🙂 Much love! xoxo