New Moon, New Flame

New moon in Leo this morning at 5:45 EST at 0 degrees. Have the courage to be true to yourself and honor your inner flame. πŸ”₯


Run Your World


Taking in some Virgo woman energy on the heels of the New Moon in Virgo yesterday morning. It is a time for refocusing our minds and bodies in order to achieve a feeling of groundedness in our daily lives.

When we feel a sense of control and order in our thoughts and actions, we can project a much clearer vision to the world.Β If you want to inspire, there is a certain degree of focus you must have in your message. If you want to touch the world, you must first touch your center and feel what is driving your soul.

“It’s focusing and making it compelling. You can’t just focus on it. You’ve got to create a clear and compelling future in that area that will pull you towards it so you’re not trying to push yourself.” – Anthony Robbins

Fight or Flight ~ New Moon Conjunct Natal Moon

~ Inspiration from the new moon in Sagittarius conjunct my natal moon ~


“When you find someone who breaks you open and makes you feel things; you fight for them.”

You fight for the breath of intimacy and discovery. You fight for the moment when fear disappears and there is only love. You fight because your soul is alive in their eyes, on their skin, within their heart. You fight and your passion is undeniable.

The fight or flight response. It’s instinctual. Beyond our instincts are our soul desires. If we can appreciate the beauty found in the silhouette of our emotions, we can embrace and then let go. When we encounter the instinct to fight or take flight, we must look deeper and source will tell us to just let go. Let go and let love.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ November 3rd, 2013

There are times in life when you either move forward or backward. With everything I’ve learned, there is no way I am choosing to go back. I know too much, I feel too much and I am too much to not go forward and explore the possibilities of the future.

Happy new moon solar eclipse. Much love as you walk forward on your path. Xoxo

New Moon in Leo ~ August 6th, 2013


~ We are stardust. We are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. ~ Joni Mitchell

Happy New Moon in Leo πŸ™‚

The creative, loving, spirited new moon in Leo is trine the bold and exciting Uranus in Aries. Uranus is currently retrograde so the surprising changes we may feel with this influence are now internal ones. The moon is always connected to our emotions, what makes us feel at home in our soul. In Leo, our inner child is reborn and encourages us to go out and play with our emotions. Let them be free and wander to a place of childlike innocence where pure love can be found. Can we let go of our cynicism and return to faith? Can we approach the surprises we encounter in love with curiousity and wonder?

The planet Jupiter is also in conjunction with the asteroid Pallas, both in Cancer. Jupiter expands Pallas’ emotional intelligence here in this sign, creating warmth and security in our base relationships as well as the ability to defend our family and our home.

Leo is the sign that is ruled by the sun. At this new moon, we can shine bright like the little bits of stardust that we are, knowing that we come from greatness. This greatness reminds us that the need to share love and receive love is an innate one and we should not deny ourselves this pleasure in life. Open your hearts to a love that you haven’t felt in a long time…

If there was ever a day to say it, it’d be today…

Shine bright like a diamond πŸ™‚ Happy New Moon πŸ™‚ xoxo

New Moon in Cancer – July 8th, 2013

New Moon in Cancer today at 3:14am EST

~ The dawn destroys the night, and that is a beautiful thing. Life reawakens, the light of the sun shines. This is symbolic of the transformation you are going through now. You are experiencing an ending in life, but it is a change for the better. The light shines in your heart now as you release a part of life that welcomes you to a new beginning. Though you can’t always understand the purpose behind the experience logically, your heart knows there is a higher reason for this transformation. Your soul needs this change, so welcome it with gratitude and love. ~ Nadiya Shah


Just as you can think of the present moment as night or as morning, you can choose to see your life experiences as dark or as light. Every morning, and especially during the days surrounding a new moon, we have the opportunity to start again and see things in a different shade. During this new moon, what will you see upon wakening?

If you choose to embrace the mama moon energy, you can give birth to something extraordinary and you can be sure that it’s from the heart β™‘

Much light & love to my friends and especially those who are Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon or Cancer Rising. New light is on the horizon. You just have to believe you can reach it πŸ™‚ Happy New Moon πŸ™‚ xoxo