Balance. Expression. Desire.

I am wishing you were here with me…

To watch the sun set into the mountains. To watch the moon rise into the clouds. To watch a sky so light fade into complete darkness.

Or is that the memory of our every encounter? Something so magnificently impermanent that, even though it peaks and then disappears, its power stays within us.

At any given moment, we hold all the shades of light and dark that we could ever see in another. For the light within me is the same within you. Just as my darkness is your darkness.

You come to me, not for the sun, but for its rays who dare to dance each night with the glow of the moon.

Balance. Expression. Desire.


Refuge Inside ~ Moon in Cancer


The moon is in Cancer, the sun will rise in Libra…

There is a feeling of peace when you have arrived at home. It’s that feeling when all the tension in your body and your mind releases and you simply give in to the relaxation that comes with being in your home. This is a form of acceptance.

We must accept when it is time to let go and move our energies to matters closer to home, closer to heart. The Libra sun energy helps us to find balance between our earthly desires and our divine purposes.

With the moon in Cancer, our focus is not only on the physical home, but on the home inside of us. This is a connection to our soul and to our higher alignment. Do we feel comfort in the person we are inside and outside? Do we feel at peace with our intentions? Do we feel secure in our feelings?

Can we seek refuge in our soul? Can we call it home?

Once In A Blue Moon…


Once in a blue moon…

Every now and then, we get two full moons within one month of each other. This summer, the first full moon occurred on July 22nd in the early degrees of Aquarius. And now tonight, we experience another full moon in Aquarius at the later degrees of the sign.

When the universe gives us two full moons, it is telling us that there is a strong potential for transformation through awareness during this period. This change is something life-changing which needs the energy from more than one moon to reach fruition. This time may feel more difficult than usual, but we must acknowledge and honor the needs of our evolution.

We must embrace the power of the first full moon, letting go of what is no longer serving us, making room for stronger relationships, thoughts, structures. Then, if we have reached deeper into our soul and not into our ego, we will experience an even grander culmination, setting up a new soul path for certain areas of life for not only the next year, but possibility a lifetime.

A simple example: My sun is experiencing these double moons in the 8th house, while my Rising sign is experiencing them in the 5th house. We have the ability with this full moon energy to evolve our philosophies ruling these houses.

Before “I seek true intimacy and trust in love expressed”

Now “I seek true love expressed in intimacy and trust”

Much energy for evolution to you xoxo

The Rain Penetrating the Soil ~ Moon in Scorpio


The moon is in Scorpio…

This is my guilty pleasure of the moon…the most intense, most difficult placement for the moon and, therefore, the most intriguing to me as a native moon child.

The moon is in its fall in this placement. Emotions are experienced way below the surface and with great intensity, rarely to be brought to the light. Scorpio struggles with trust and openness, fearing the betrayal and manipulation that exist in the world. Scorpio declines true intimacy, fearing the vulnerability that comes with exposing what’s on the inside.

I’m always fascinated by the spectrum of emotions that we can feel in our hearts. But to experience emotions in their totality…whether it’s sheer ecstasy or complete despair…is so human, so at the core of our being and so necessary for our growth here in this lifetime. Reaching the limits of the self brings us face to face with our divine purpose. When we see (and feel) why we’re here, we can realize this in our physical lives and further evolve our souls to a greater purpose in the next.

Just taking in the rain from the storm…

Feel it penetrate the soil deeply, soaking our roots with raw sentiment. When the new day comes, will we hide underground, scared by the possibilities of the sunlight? Or will we choose to sprout out from the surface in connection with our spirit and blossom into our highest potential?