Love Creates Bridges

Love creates so many perfectly impossible bridges…
Bridges that seem to go nowhere…
Bridges that are never crossed again…
Bridges that are strong, but crumble over time…

Life is not about how many bridges we’ve crossed, but how many bridges we’ve built. It’s about the connections with each other that are constructed of sheer faith and good will. They are often a mystery to our minds, but a blessing to our hearts…for when we reach out to one another, we know we’re alive…

Love & light…xoxo


Love is Redemption

Being in love isn’t the only way of loving. I realized with all my being that if you loved somebody- it didn’t matter who it was- and dedicated yourself to bringing joy to your loved one, you, too, would be redeemed. ~ Sayo Masuda

To love another is to redeem oneself. There is validation of our soul purpose when we realize the greatest truth of this universe. Love is love is love is love…

Enjoying some cherry blossom tea on this Sunday morning. Love & light xoxo


Venus Retrograde in Capricorn ~ December 21, 2013 – January 31, 2014


Yes, I miss you, but those words cannot be redeemed for a one-way, non-stop ticket back into my life.

Actions speak louder than words. My love is free, but there is a fare to pay to get back on board. Show me honesty and commitment. I can’t guarantee a smooth ride, but hold on and do what it takes to get to your desired destination: my heart.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Venus turned retrograde in the sign of Capricorn this past Saturday. And amazingly, that very night, love came back to visit.

In Capricorn, love is taken more seriously. The value of love is found through work and dedication. And as a little Libra rising, I have found myself working in my own way, through reflection and meditation. Since Venus entered the shadow phase in late November, my mind and my body have asked me for moments of stillness and introspection. I haven’t wanted to speak or to write very much. I just want quiet so I can hear the message of my heart: “My dear, you have seen your true worth. Now only let others in if they are able to see it, too.”


Venus entered Capricorn in early November and thoughts of my first home and my grandparents have been on my mind. I’ve thought about their imperfect devotion to each other, carried by true love and commitment. I’ve dreamt about forever love and I’ve wondered when it will arrive in my heart.

The truth is that we can’t promise more than forever right here in the moment. Our life path is uncertain and our love path even more so. But still, I long for that kind of devotion.

I want to receive love completely or, it’s as if, I don’t want it at all. I will wait for the real thing to come.

But then a glimpse of love returns and I want to take a chance, believing that this time it will be true. My heart has grown wiser since you last saw it, though. My heart has learned to speak up.

I am asking for you to rise higher, to inspire for a greater love. I am asking a lot, but there is so much to receive. I am hard on you, but I will never leave you alone in this journey. I will always be there, with my hand extended, to walk this path with you. I will expect that you do the same for me as I reach within myself for a light to guide our way.

True love is risk a worth taking. Love is a labor of life which bears the fruit of our own special message of truth, which reveals our purpose. We should aspire to receive unconditional love, not for completion of self, but for the giving of ourselves.

Love and light to you.

The World Grows When We Grow


When I reflect on all the incredible things that I’ve learned recently about myself and my world, I realize that it can leave you in a place where you feel much more connection to the true source of life, but much more separation from the popular direction of society. That’s when perspective comes in. This disconnect on a day-to-day level can be discouraging…or it can be inspiring.

The purpose of learning is to evolve ourselves forward, yes. But it is also to evolve others by teaching what we have learned.

Just like loving and breathing, we must share our knowledge because the world is better when we do. The world grows when we grow.

Loving and Breathing


Photograph by Jacqueline Barkla

“Love is not a barter system.
Like breathing, it’s something we do because we’re alive.”
~ Eric Francis, Venus Retrograde: Finding the Missing Piece

There is no give and take
There is no other way to make
The language of our heart
That emotion converted in art
Into a pure reflection from above
Then to offer all, all of yourself in love

Mmmmm. Loving and breathing. What else is there?

Once In A Blue Moon…


Once in a blue moon…

Every now and then, we get two full moons within one month of each other. This summer, the first full moon occurred on July 22nd in the early degrees of Aquarius. And now tonight, we experience another full moon in Aquarius at the later degrees of the sign.

When the universe gives us two full moons, it is telling us that there is a strong potential for transformation through awareness during this period. This change is something life-changing which needs the energy from more than one moon to reach fruition. This time may feel more difficult than usual, but we must acknowledge and honor the needs of our evolution.

We must embrace the power of the first full moon, letting go of what is no longer serving us, making room for stronger relationships, thoughts, structures. Then, if we have reached deeper into our soul and not into our ego, we will experience an even grander culmination, setting up a new soul path for certain areas of life for not only the next year, but possibility a lifetime.

A simple example: My sun is experiencing these double moons in the 8th house, while my Rising sign is experiencing them in the 5th house. We have the ability with this full moon energy to evolve our philosophies ruling these houses.

Before “I seek true intimacy and trust in love expressed”

Now “I seek true love expressed in intimacy and trust”

Much energy for evolution to you xoxo