Run Your World


Taking in some Virgo woman energy on the heels of the New Moon in Virgo yesterday morning. It is a time for refocusing our minds and bodies in order to achieve a feeling of groundedness in our daily lives.

When we feel a sense of control and order in our thoughts and actions, we can project a much clearer vision to the world. If you want to inspire, there is a certain degree of focus you must have in your message. If you want to touch the world, you must first touch your center and feel what is driving your soul.

“It’s focusing and making it compelling. You can’t just focus on it. You’ve got to create a clear and compelling future in that area that will pull you towards it so you’re not trying to push yourself.” – Anthony Robbins


Fight or Flight ~ New Moon Conjunct Natal Moon

~ Inspiration from the new moon in Sagittarius conjunct my natal moon ~


“When you find someone who breaks you open and makes you feel things; you fight for them.”

You fight for the breath of intimacy and discovery. You fight for the moment when fear disappears and there is only love. You fight because your soul is alive in their eyes, on their skin, within their heart. You fight and your passion is undeniable.

The fight or flight response. It’s instinctual. Beyond our instincts are our soul desires. If we can appreciate the beauty found in the silhouette of our emotions, we can embrace and then let go. When we encounter the instinct to fight or take flight, we must look deeper and source will tell us to just let go. Let go and let love.

The World Grows When We Grow


When I reflect on all the incredible things that I’ve learned recently about myself and my world, I realize that it can leave you in a place where you feel much more connection to the true source of life, but much more separation from the popular direction of society. That’s when perspective comes in. This disconnect on a day-to-day level can be discouraging…or it can be inspiring.

The purpose of learning is to evolve ourselves forward, yes. But it is also to evolve others by teaching what we have learned.

Just like loving and breathing, we must share our knowledge because the world is better when we do. The world grows when we grow.

The Flames of Our Lives

Flame Heart

Accept that connection is not necessarily a forever feeling. Amazing chemistry with someone may last for a night, a summer, a few years or a lifetime.

Accept a person’s entrance into yourlife and be grateful for the light they’ve shared with you. From that light, a spark may form to inspire you, teach you, allow you to grow. But accept that not every flicker turns into a flame. And not every flame turns into a fire.

No matter what burns on the outside, never let your own light ever go out. Your light is your passion. Keep it alive.

A Woman’s Calling


We all have higher callings in our lives…
Higher purposes that aid in our soul evolution here on earth…
How amazing is it for a woman to love and love beyond what is physically known…

Honor his mind, his body, his spirit…
The song of his heart that only she can hear…
Honor the boy and the man…
The map of the past and the future that only she can read…
Honor what has been and what will always be…
The window to his soul that only she can see…

Let her project the love, the way, and the light into his eyes…
So that he may connect to his essence…
And reach his highest potential…

We Are Here To Love


~ Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out….but to see who cares enough to tear them down ~

I believe we are here in this lifetime to connect to others, to help, to heal, to soften, to protect, to serve, to guide, to educate, to enlighten, to inspire…to love.

We may encounter obstacles to love, but if our heart is strong enough, it will speak through our spirit and we will overcome.

Because love is love is love is love…everything else is just fear.

Always choose love.