Awaiting My Sailboat ~ Remembering Full Moons Past


The Full Moon in Cancer appeared this week and it felt largely like a stronger conviction to my feminine power and its purpose to nurture, secure, heal in this lifetime. But, perhaps, with Venus Retrograde directly on my ascendant it felt like a quiet energy, a soft reminder.

Then I awoke this morning and remembered that this week is quite significant for me. For it was 5 years ago that I consciously chose to start my search for personal freedom and true fulfillment. Yeah, kind of a big deal.

Much like this week, there was a beautiful full moon in my sun sign. It fell on January 11, 2009 at 22 degrees of Cancer, embracing the sabian symbol of a young woman awaiting a sailboat. During that time, I had many vivid dreams about an ex and I would often wake up craving the amazing connection we had and continue daydreaming about the wonderful life we could have together.

There was a day, several days after the full moon, when I just decided, very out of nowhere, that I was going to stop waiting for my happily ever after and go get it. That was also the day that I decided to become a single mother and change my life forever.

I was greatly inspired that day by a book shared with me the previous summer by a colleague. The book is called The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and here is an excerpt from her poem:

I want to know if you can live with failure
yours and mine
and still stand on the edge of the lake
and shout to the silver of the full moon,

That day I chose to say, “Yes.” Despite my past failures, despite who I would disappoint, despite the future challenges, despite my deepest fears, I said, “Yes.” to life.

Today I am reminded that my fantasies are some of the most beautiful parts of my mind. And I should never stop dreaming. I should never stop believing. The most miraculous things happen when we decide to listen to our soul and speak our truth. The most miraculous things happen when we stop waiting for our ship to arrive and we dive into the water and go swimming for it.

Happy Full Moon. Love and light xoxo


Full Moon in Taurus – November 17, 2013


Thinking about today’s Full Moon in Taurus and trying to connect it to the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus back in May of this year with a post that I wrote during that time. It feels nothing less than a feeling of urgency for truth to speak through our desires, for love to spring from that truth.

A full moon on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, 2nd/8th houses, focuses on awareness in our resources and values, our own and those of others. It makes me think of all the hidden worth inside us that we never recognize, or the best of ourselves that we hold hostage from those around us. Meanwhile, life passes us, love passes us. The mirror to look within will always be there, but what it reflects may not. The moment to see the beautiful reflections of our soul is now.

“…Tomorrow does not exist for real love; time does not exist for real love. If you love a person, you love a person. What is going to happen tomorrow — who cares? Today is so much, this MOMENT is an eternity. What will happen tomorrow, we will see…when tomorrow comes…Real love is of the present…” OSHO

If you love someone, you love them NOW. There is no tomorrow. There is only FOREVER in the present moment.

LOVE them now. KISS them now. HOLD them now.

Look into their eyes. Trust their heart.
Confess your desires. Live out your fantasies.

Choose. Love. Now.

Happy Full Moon xoxo

Full Moon in Pisces – September 19, 2013

Sometimes going below the surface can feel like we can barely breathe. We may kick and scream but only small waves and bubbles come to our rescue.

There is a point where we stop fighting these underlying forces and give in to the stillness and the wisdom that reside below.

At this full moon let a deep awareness of your being rise above and take a breath of life. Let it breathe and let it speak to you. Pisces energy is through a silent connection to spirit, through a light of intuition, through making the unconscious conscious.

Take a moment to listen.

Once In A Blue Moon…


Once in a blue moon…

Every now and then, we get two full moons within one month of each other. This summer, the first full moon occurred on July 22nd in the early degrees of Aquarius. And now tonight, we experience another full moon in Aquarius at the later degrees of the sign.

When the universe gives us two full moons, it is telling us that there is a strong potential for transformation through awareness during this period. This change is something life-changing which needs the energy from more than one moon to reach fruition. This time may feel more difficult than usual, but we must acknowledge and honor the needs of our evolution.

We must embrace the power of the first full moon, letting go of what is no longer serving us, making room for stronger relationships, thoughts, structures. Then, if we have reached deeper into our soul and not into our ego, we will experience an even grander culmination, setting up a new soul path for certain areas of life for not only the next year, but possibility a lifetime.

A simple example: My sun is experiencing these double moons in the 8th house, while my Rising sign is experiencing them in the 5th house. We have the ability with this full moon energy to evolve our philosophies ruling these houses.

Before “I seek true intimacy and trust in love expressed”

Now “I seek true love expressed in intimacy and trust”

Much energy for evolution to you xoxo

The Fortress of Faith

ImageUse the hurts of life to build a larger fortress of faith and of love, not dig a deeper trench of distrust and fear…

Believe in the ability to transform pains into joys…and to transcend our flawed human emotions to higher vibrations of being…

Much love and light on this full moon… xoxo

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ July 22nd, 2013


Full Moon today at 0 degrees Aquarius

~ There’s high, and there’s high, and to get really high – I mean so high that you can walk on the water, that high-that’s where I’m going. ~ George Harrison

Aquarius is the sign that rules the 11th house, the house of dreams, goals, ideals, friendships, groups, the collective whole…and the power that lies in each of these when we take our thoughts to a higher level.

The sun is now in Leo, the sign opposing the full moon. Leo is the sign that rules the 5th house, which can take our thoughts to a heart-centered place as we fulfill true self-expression through pleasure and creative arts.

Although Aquarius is an air sign, it is represented by a symbol for water, two waves. Aquarius is the water bearer, the one who carries water to all those in need in order to replenish, to cleanse. During this full moon, the water bearer can bring forth all the gifts of Jupiter in Cancer, including emotional expansion, which will allow us to lead from the heart.

Considering the abundance of water energy in the last month and the lasting effects of the Grand Water Trine in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces from July 17th-19th, this full moon is very connected to the source of life and motion that is water. In fact all full moons carry a wave of emotion as the Moon rules the watery sign of Cancer.

This full moon draws in the flowing energy of the Aquarian female, who moves into the future with courage and independence, but with the light of her heart and her mind. The Aquarian goddess will move us in the direction of our soul as we speak our truth. We must let go of the protective Cancer mother who puts her babies’ needs before her own. The goddess assures us that putting ourselves first will lead to greater prosperity for all. She gives us the clarity to speak our truth, understanding that while it may hurt others, there is a soul desire to be filled.

Mars in Cancer gives power and determination to our feelings. Mercury, now turning direct in Cancer, allows us to express these feelings after several weeks of reflection while in retrograde motion. The Aquarian intellect will allow us to sort out our feelings even further and add a dose of practicality to our Mars decisions. The asteroid Pallas is also now in Cancer and will provide us with an internal need to uphold justice, heal those suffering and represent peace to the world.

Happy Full Moon 🙂 Much love & light to you…xoxoxo