Balance. Expression. Desire.

I am wishing you were here with me…

To watch the sun set into the mountains. To watch the moon rise into the clouds. To watch a sky so light fade into complete darkness.

Or is that the memory of our every encounter? Something so magnificently impermanent that, even though it peaks and then disappears, its power stays within us.

At any given moment, we hold all the shades of light and dark that we could ever see in another. For the light within me is the same within you. Just as my darkness is your darkness.

You come to me, not for the sun, but for its rays who dare to dance each night with the glow of the moon.

Balance. Expression. Desire.


Loving and Breathing


Photograph by Jacqueline Barkla

“Love is not a barter system.
Like breathing, it’s something we do because we’re alive.”
~ Eric Francis, Venus Retrograde: Finding the Missing Piece

There is no give and take
There is no other way to make
The language of our heart
That emotion converted in art
Into a pure reflection from above
Then to offer all, all of yourself in love

Mmmmm. Loving and breathing. What else is there?

The Flames of Our Lives

Flame Heart

Accept that connection is not necessarily a forever feeling. Amazing chemistry with someone may last for a night, a summer, a few years or a lifetime.

Accept a person’s entrance into yourlife and be grateful for the light they’ve shared with you. From that light, a spark may form to inspire you, teach you, allow you to grow. But accept that not every flicker turns into a flame. And not every flame turns into a fire.

No matter what burns on the outside, never let your own light ever go out. Your light is your passion. Keep it alive.

Yo fui tuya


Yo fui…

Como una semilla perdida

En los vientos del otoño

Pequeña y obstinada

Contra las fuerzas de la naturaleza

Y las reglas del amor

Hasta que te encontré…

Yo fui…

El recuerdo del verano

La promesa de mil sueños

La devoción mas sincera

Yo fui…

La libertad de tus labios

Y el control de tu corazón

Yo fui…tuya…

Hace ocho anos atrás yo me enamoré

Y hoy quisiera volver a hacerlo…

Lions and Tigers and Bears


~ By design, we are stronger within than anything we could create in this lifetime. That includes the lions and tigers and bears you placed in your path. ~ (Quote rephrased from TUT Notes from the Universe)

Oh, my! The world can seem like a big and scary place when we feel obstacles moving in on us and blocking our way ahead.

Happy Friday! You are strength, you are beauty, you are love 🙂 xoxo

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Your Story Is Not Finished Yet


Your story is not finished yet, little caterpillar. Time to turn inward. Within that little ball of your soul is your purpose.

You will emerge stronger, wiser. So come out and play. Your next chapter is waiting to be written. I want to see you open your wings, beautiful butterfly.

Happy Sunday 🙂 xoxo