Perfectly Me, Myself and I


“I am perfectly myself and love the me I know myself to be.”

There is no urgency to seek love when you truly love yourself. Love may come and love may go, but all you ever need is already within you.



Trust the River


Each of us must be willing to simply let go and trust the river to carry us along safely. – Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization

When I was feeling overwhelmed this morning after coming back to work after a week out, I reminded myself of the beautiful concept of flow. Everything is energy and energy is meant to move. It flows in and it flows out.

As we experience negative emotions, we must understand that all energy we feel is part of the universal flow. We must recognize it, accept it and then release it, embrace it, or transform it. All the while, we must trust in the higher purpose of this process.

We either live life holding onto the bank or flowing with the stream. It is always our choice.