New Moon, New Flame

New moon in Leo this morning at 5:45 EST at 0 degrees. Have the courage to be true to yourself and honor your inner flame. 🔥


My World

“Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.”
– Anais Nin

There is no need to engage the fears and insecurities of the lower domain. I have my own world in my higher mind. And in my world, I can experience love with just one thought and joy with just one breath. This is my world.

Run Your World


Taking in some Virgo woman energy on the heels of the New Moon in Virgo yesterday morning. It is a time for refocusing our minds and bodies in order to achieve a feeling of groundedness in our daily lives.

When we feel a sense of control and order in our thoughts and actions, we can project a much clearer vision to the world. If you want to inspire, there is a certain degree of focus you must have in your message. If you want to touch the world, you must first touch your center and feel what is driving your soul.

“It’s focusing and making it compelling. You can’t just focus on it. You’ve got to create a clear and compelling future in that area that will pull you towards it so you’re not trying to push yourself.” – Anthony Robbins

Fight or Flight ~ New Moon Conjunct Natal Moon

~ Inspiration from the new moon in Sagittarius conjunct my natal moon ~


“When you find someone who breaks you open and makes you feel things; you fight for them.”

You fight for the breath of intimacy and discovery. You fight for the moment when fear disappears and there is only love. You fight because your soul is alive in their eyes, on their skin, within their heart. You fight and your passion is undeniable.

The fight or flight response. It’s instinctual. Beyond our instincts are our soul desires. If we can appreciate the beauty found in the silhouette of our emotions, we can embrace and then let go. When we encounter the instinct to fight or take flight, we must look deeper and source will tell us to just let go. Let go and let love.

Full Moon in Taurus – November 17, 2013


Thinking about today’s Full Moon in Taurus and trying to connect it to the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus back in May of this year with a post that I wrote during that time. It feels nothing less than a feeling of urgency for truth to speak through our desires, for love to spring from that truth.

A full moon on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, 2nd/8th houses, focuses on awareness in our resources and values, our own and those of others. It makes me think of all the hidden worth inside us that we never recognize, or the best of ourselves that we hold hostage from those around us. Meanwhile, life passes us, love passes us. The mirror to look within will always be there, but what it reflects may not. The moment to see the beautiful reflections of our soul is now.

“…Tomorrow does not exist for real love; time does not exist for real love. If you love a person, you love a person. What is going to happen tomorrow — who cares? Today is so much, this MOMENT is an eternity. What will happen tomorrow, we will see…when tomorrow comes…Real love is of the present…” OSHO

If you love someone, you love them NOW. There is no tomorrow. There is only FOREVER in the present moment.

LOVE them now. KISS them now. HOLD them now.

Look into their eyes. Trust their heart.
Confess your desires. Live out your fantasies.

Choose. Love. Now.

Happy Full Moon xoxo

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ November 3rd, 2013

There are times in life when you either move forward or backward. With everything I’ve learned, there is no way I am choosing to go back. I know too much, I feel too much and I am too much to not go forward and explore the possibilities of the future.

Happy new moon solar eclipse. Much love as you walk forward on your path. Xoxo

Transiting Mars Trine Natal Uranus: Truth or Dare from Within


With transiting Mars trine natal Uranus, there can be a strong need for change in our lives. We will want change and we will want to make it happen right now. Often these this impulse acted out can come from a place of fear, distrust, misconception, hurt. If we stop ourselves for a moment, we have the power to instead let truth feed these instinctual feelings, which will guide us toward inner change before we embark on our outer changes. A bit of a game of Truth or Dare from within. If you can take the impulsive Uranian energy and play the truth card, then you have everything it takes to go for that wild dare and shake things up in your world.

The lesson to be learned is that it’s not wise to change for the sake of change. Change for a stronger sense of self. Change for a greater independence. Change because you no longer accept your known beliefs and limitations.

Dare to change, but have a drive behind your dare. Let that drive come from within. And let there be truth within.

Because standing alone in your truth is the greatest dare of all.