Run Your World


Taking in some Virgo woman energy on the heels of the New Moon in Virgo yesterday morning. It is a time for refocusing our minds and bodies in order to achieve a feeling of groundedness in our daily lives.

When we feel a sense of control and order in our thoughts and actions, we can project a much clearer vision to the world. If you want to inspire, there is a certain degree of focus you must have in your message. If you want to touch the world, you must first touch your center and feel what is driving your soul.

“It’s focusing and making it compelling. You can’t just focus on it. You’ve got to create a clear and compelling future in that area that will pull you towards it so you’re not trying to push yourself.” – Anthony Robbins


Perfectly Me, Myself and I


“I am perfectly myself and love the me I know myself to be.”

There is no urgency to seek love when you truly love yourself. Love may come and love may go, but all you ever need is already within you.


Love Creates Bridges

Love creates so many perfectly impossible bridges…
Bridges that seem to go nowhere…
Bridges that are never crossed again…
Bridges that are strong, but crumble over time…

Life is not about how many bridges we’ve crossed, but how many bridges we’ve built. It’s about the connections with each other that are constructed of sheer faith and good will. They are often a mystery to our minds, but a blessing to our hearts…for when we reach out to one another, we know we’re alive…

Love & light…xoxo

Crossing The Bridge

There is no pathway to happiness. There is no timeline for happiness. There is no person or position or possession that will guarantee happiness in your life.

Happiness is a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of seeing, a way of connecting, a way of feeling.

It is the truth and the beauty of crossing the bridge of consciousness. It is finding yourself in the forest of the universe and realizing that you are one tree and every tree.