~ We must go on adventures and find out where we belong ~

Take my hand…let’s go…


Balance. Expression. Desire.

I am wishing you were here with me…

To watch the sun set into the mountains. To watch the moon rise into the clouds. To watch a sky so light fade into complete darkness.

Or is that the memory of our every encounter? Something so magnificently impermanent that, even though it peaks and then disappears, its power stays within us.

At any given moment, we hold all the shades of light and dark that we could ever see in another. For the light within me is the same within you. Just as my darkness is your darkness.

You come to me, not for the sun, but for its rays who dare to dance each night with the glow of the moon.

Balance. Expression. Desire.

Love is Redemption

Being in love isn’t the only way of loving. I realized with all my being that if you loved somebody- it didn’t matter who it was- and dedicated yourself to bringing joy to your loved one, you, too, would be redeemed. ~ Sayo Masuda

To love another is to redeem oneself. There is validation of our soul purpose when we realize the greatest truth of this universe. Love is love is love is love…

Enjoying some cherry blossom tea on this Sunday morning. Love & light xoxo