In the Eyes of Others ~ Mars in Libra

“My path is reflected in the eyes of others…if I want to find myself, I need that map.” Paulo Coehlo – Aleph
Having my ascendant and natal Mars in the 1st house of Libra, I tend to look for myself in others and believe that the full development of my personality will be through another.
It’s true. There is an undeniable reliance on others to teach us, love us, hurt us, provoke us, inspire us…so that we may get closer to the source of who we are.
We need that map, but let’s read it for what it is: a reflection of the universal soul. Everything we see in others and in the world can be found within us. To find ourselves, we must choose reflections that inspire our highest potential, our most loving self.
Finding yourself in a reflection of pain may have a purpose, but it is not a place to stay. It is an inevitable stop along the path, but it is not our destination. The place where we must always be headed is one and one only: truth.
Time to move forward with truth. Namaste.

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