Refuge Inside ~ Moon in Cancer


The moon is in Cancer, the sun will rise in Libra…

There is a feeling of peace when you have arrived at home. It’s that feeling when all the tension in your body and your mind releases and you simply give in to the relaxation that comes with being in your home. This is a form of acceptance.

We must accept when it is time to let go and move our energies to matters closer to home, closer to heart. The Libra sun energy helps us to find balance between our earthly desires and our divine purposes.

With the moon in Cancer, our focus is not only on the physical home, but on the home inside of us. This is a connection to our soul and to our higher alignment. Do we feel comfort in the person we are inside and outside? Do we feel at peace with our intentions? Do we feel secure in our feelings?

Can we seek refuge in our soul? Can we call it home?


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