Affirm Life in All Shades

Two minutes into watching this video this morning my nose begins to bleed.

As I hurry to the bathroom I wonder why. The rhetorical question, why? Why, God, why? My blood drips into the sink I am reminded that this is human…to bleed, to hurt, to kill, to yell, to sin. I turn the faucet and wash it away.This blood, though the same shade of red as the yellow woman or the brown woman, is white blood…I was born with white blood.

This white blood that I carry wakes me up at 4 am to start the hustle to care for two children with some tan blood. I kiss them goodbye with the sign of the cross because they are God’s wonderful creations.

This white blood that I carry takes me to a classroom of children with some brown blood. I greet them with a warm smile because they are God’s beautiful light.

How can I explain the tragedy of being born with darker blood to these little souls? I can’t and I don’t.

I choose to see the light on the horizon of this day and teach peace and justice. I choose to affirm life…in this moment…in all shades.


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