The Rain Penetrating the Soil ~ Moon in Scorpio


The moon is in Scorpio…

This is my guilty pleasure of the moon…the most intense, most difficult placement for the moon and, therefore, the most intriguing to me as a native moon child.

The moon is in its fall in this placement. Emotions are experienced way below the surface and with great intensity, rarely to be brought to the light. Scorpio struggles with trust and openness, fearing the betrayal and manipulation that exist in the world. Scorpio declines true intimacy, fearing the vulnerability that comes with exposing what’s on the inside.

I’m always fascinated by the spectrum of emotions that we can feel in our hearts. But to experience emotions in their totality…whether it’s sheer ecstasy or complete despair…is so human, so at the core of our being and so necessary for our growth here in this lifetime. Reaching the limits of the self brings us face to face with our divine purpose. When we see (and feel) why we’re here, we can realize this in our physical lives and further evolve our souls to a greater purpose in the next.

Just taking in the rain from the storm…

Feel it penetrate the soil deeply, soaking our roots with raw sentiment. When the new day comes, will we hide underground, scared by the possibilities of the sunlight? Or will we choose to sprout out from the surface in connection with our spirit and blossom into our highest potential?


3 thoughts on “The Rain Penetrating the Soil ~ Moon in Scorpio

  1. My Moon is in Scorpio in the 5th house — stopped dating 16 years ago, and don’t miss it, especially after Pluto’s transit. Now, I’m happier focusing on creative endeavors.

    • The 5th house is about expressing our inner child. The moon placement there is a beautiful one. We should feel free to be and do whatever makes us truly happy.

      I wonder how Saturn’s transit in Scorpio has affected your creative works.

      • Saturn is leaving my 4th house as of today, August 14th. Thank goodness!

        I have pursued creativity in the past, including writing for children. However, it’s going to be interesting to experience the medium in which my true inner child will express itself.

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