Guided Meditation: Meeting Your Potential

Here is a guided meditation, focusing on achieving consciousness of your potential int this lifetime (UNFINISHED)

You have arrived at this day. You have arrived at this moment. Give thanks.

The land before you is flat and wonderful. The blessings are many and you hold them in your hands. For you are living and breathing, living and learning, living and sharing. But there is so much more to discover, young soul.

You see the mountains. You hear the mountains. This is your calling.

Bow down and pray to the greatness before you. Pray to the greatness that is inside of you. This is your potential. Recognize its presence. Recognize the possibilities.

There are mountains to conquer. You can climb them. You can touch the peak.


Full Moon in Aquarius ~ July 22nd, 2013


Full Moon today at 0 degrees Aquarius

~ There’s high, and there’s high, and to get really high – I mean so high that you can walk on the water, that high-that’s where I’m going. ~ George Harrison

Aquarius is the sign that rules the 11th house, the house of dreams, goals, ideals, friendships, groups, the collective whole…and the power that lies in each of these when we take our thoughts to a higher level.

The sun is now in Leo, the sign opposing the full moon. Leo is the sign that rules the 5th house, which can take our thoughts to a heart-centered place as we fulfill true self-expression through pleasure and creative arts.

Although Aquarius is an air sign, it is represented by a symbol for water, two waves. Aquarius is the water bearer, the one who carries water to all those in need in order to replenish, to cleanse. During this full moon, the water bearer can bring forth all the gifts of Jupiter in Cancer, including emotional expansion, which will allow us to lead from the heart.

Considering the abundance of water energy in the last month and the lasting effects of the Grand Water Trine in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces from July 17th-19th, this full moon is very connected to the source of life and motion that is water. In fact all full moons carry a wave of emotion as the Moon rules the watery sign of Cancer.

This full moon draws in the flowing energy of the Aquarian female, who moves into the future with courage and independence, but with the light of her heart and her mind. The Aquarian goddess will move us in the direction of our soul as we speak our truth. We must let go of the protective Cancer mother who puts her babies’ needs before her own. The goddess assures us that putting ourselves first will lead to greater prosperity for all. She gives us the clarity to speak our truth, understanding that while it may hurt others, there is a soul desire to be filled.

Mars in Cancer gives power and determination to our feelings. Mercury, now turning direct in Cancer, allows us to express these feelings after several weeks of reflection while in retrograde motion. The Aquarian intellect will allow us to sort out our feelings even further and add a dose of practicality to our Mars decisions. The asteroid Pallas is also now in Cancer and will provide us with an internal need to uphold justice, heal those suffering and represent peace to the world.

Happy Full Moon 🙂 Much love & light to you…xoxoxo

Grand Water Trine ~ July 17th-19th 2013


Today Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune have activated an extremely rare and quite marvelous aspect called a Grand Water Trine. The planets sit at 4 degrees in a triangle in the sky with Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces is the fish in the huge ocean of the collective consciousness who swims deeper into the spiritual realms in order to feel as if it can fly.

Saturn in Scorpio is the scorpion that lets go of its deep-rooted fears and tranforms in the sacred sands of darkness into strength and beauty.

Jupiter in Cancer is the crab that realizes the great abundance that exists when it comes out of its sensitive little shell and surrenders itself to the shores of the world.

Together with the faster-moving planets having recently transited (Venus) or currently transiting Cancer (Mercury, Mars), there is a strong need for true emotional healing in the heart in order to achieve wholeness in mind, body, spirit, soul.

Water can feel like we’re being pulled under at high tide. But with this pull, with this energy, is an opportunity for awareness as we touch the ocean floor and get soaked to the core. For we can only heal what we are aware of. Now is the time to see and more importantly, to feel, what we have neglected for so long.

If we choose to embrace the strong tides of life, we can rebirth ourselves through our truth and our potential. Because life is not floating on the waves, but learning to swim with them.

Happy Wednesday 🙂 Much love! xoxo

Lions and Tigers and Bears


~ By design, we are stronger within than anything we could create in this lifetime. That includes the lions and tigers and bears you placed in your path. ~ (Quote rephrased from TUT Notes from the Universe)

Oh, my! The world can seem like a big and scary place when we feel obstacles moving in on us and blocking our way ahead.

Happy Friday! You are strength, you are beauty, you are love 🙂 xoxo

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New Moon in Cancer – July 8th, 2013

New Moon in Cancer today at 3:14am EST

~ The dawn destroys the night, and that is a beautiful thing. Life reawakens, the light of the sun shines. This is symbolic of the transformation you are going through now. You are experiencing an ending in life, but it is a change for the better. The light shines in your heart now as you release a part of life that welcomes you to a new beginning. Though you can’t always understand the purpose behind the experience logically, your heart knows there is a higher reason for this transformation. Your soul needs this change, so welcome it with gratitude and love. ~ Nadiya Shah


Just as you can think of the present moment as night or as morning, you can choose to see your life experiences as dark or as light. Every morning, and especially during the days surrounding a new moon, we have the opportunity to start again and see things in a different shade. During this new moon, what will you see upon wakening?

If you choose to embrace the mama moon energy, you can give birth to something extraordinary and you can be sure that it’s from the heart ♡

Much light & love to my friends and especially those who are Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon or Cancer Rising. New light is on the horizon. You just have to believe you can reach it 🙂 Happy New Moon 🙂 xoxo